RM60.00 - RM240.00
UV Printing 3M Reflective Sticker White Base
Price RM60.00 - RM240.00
Brand 3M
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  • 3M White Based Reflective Sticker
  • High Visibility 
  • Weather Proof
  • UV Premium Ink
  • Commonly used for safety purpose, highway sign
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Reflective sticker provides a high-visibility metallic sheen to all printed colors. When light is shined on reflective stickers or decals, the sticker will bounce the light, making it appear as if the sticker or decal is glowing. Given the reflective nature of this product, to get the best results we advise that only a minimal amount of black or dark ink colors be used on this material.

Reflective stickers serve the dual purpose of ensuring your logo, sign, text, or other information becomes legibile or noticeable at low visibility times such as at night, or during poor weather conditions. This also provides a safety benefit as they attract attention in the dark. For this reason reflective stickers are commonly used on safety hats, bicycles, highway sign,for emergency signage and on slow moving vehicles or in construction sites.

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